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Food Basics Job Application Process

Food Basics is a grocery banner that operates in over 115 stores across Ontario. Since 1995, Food Basics continues to save our customers money on all of their grocery needs to give them “always more for less”.


When applying for jobs at Food basics you have an option to apply at entry level or part time basis. So if you are having past experience at a grocery store or in any of the food industry then this is the best job option for you. With an aim to offer best in the service industry the company ensures to hire new recruits regularly at professional level. You can look around for best openings at managerial or corporate levels. In general, the company hires customer service associates very often. The general hiring requirements may differ as compared to positions available. You can contact the HR team directly at any local store.

Food Basics Job and Salary information

When searching for employment at Food Basics, you will have an option to apply for part time or full time jobs. The company also hires recruits as old as 14 years of age at entry level. Some most general job positions available are:-

Clerk – This is a position for part time job seekers at the stores.  As a clerk you will be responsible for maintenance at the store, stock keeping, and offering with customer service. In case of rush hours you will also be working at the cash counters. Your weekly work schedules will be around 15  to 20 hours. In some cases you may also have to perform manual works. Pay scales may start from $10 for every hour.

Cashier – This is also a position available at the entry level. You may have to often greet customers, perform cash collecting tasks on POS and handle transactions. You may also be offered with assistance from clerk during rush hours. Your job will involve working in standing positions for long hours. In general wage is paid minimum equivalent to $11 or 12 for every hour.

Providing superior customer service, the cashier/clerk processes customer orders in an efficient, accurate, safe and courteous manner and stocks general department shelves, including grocery, non-foods, HBC, frozen food, liquor, dairy and frozen shelves, refrigerated merchandisers and displays.

Some Job Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a positive and friendly attitude towards customers and fellow team members.
  • Engaging with customers through smiles and greetings, offering product information, providing selling suggestions and always giving a genuine thank you.
  • Focusing on providing fast and friendly customer service.
  • Accurately processing cash register transactions, inputting product costs, giving back change, processing checks, debit and credit cards, EBTs, WIC checks, refunds, product coupons and gift certificates.
  • Understanding the importance of and monitoring product pricing, signage, and placement and the use of product shelf tags and accompanying UPC codes.
  • Keeping clean, neat, and orderly check stands and work areas.
  • Ordering and stocking general department (grocery, dairy, frozen food, liquor, HBC and non-foods) products, rotating them as necessary to ensure quality and safety.
  • Helping maintain merchandise displays, including end-caps, floor displays and aisle displays.

Stocking Clerk – To maintain a high level of customer service while pricing, stocking and rotation of merchandise in the Grocery Department; to maintain a neat, clean and visually appealing department and to perform other tasks as required in an efficient and safe manner, within Company policy.

Essential Job Functions:
The essential job functions of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ability to proficiently read, write, speak, analyze, interpret, and understand the English language.
  • Ability to perform basic math skills.
  • Ability to stand/walk for the duration of a scheduled shift.
  • Ability to stand, bend, twist, reach, push, pull and regularly lift 25 lbs., and occasionally lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of fresh, dried and/or processed products, spices and powdered substances without negative allergic consequences.
  • Ability to tolerate moderate amounts of dust and cleaning agents during routine housekeeping duties.
  • Ability to climb a ladder to retrieve items from overhead racking and storage areas.
  • Meet all work schedules and comply with all time and attendance policies.

Pharmacy – If you are the one who is looking around for best job opportunities at the Pharmacy then Food Basics is the best place. You can look around for work in their Drugs department. You can search for jobs including Pharmacists or technicians. You will be responsible for delivery of prescribed drugs and filing prescriptions. You will have to offer customers with right set of information related to drugs and ring sales. It is ideal to have a valid college degree to apply for the post of technician. To apply as pharmacists you need a valid board certification or a degree. Technicians are paid on an average $ 11 for every hour while Pharmacists are paid around $100,000 annual.

Management – This is a job position that is available on full time basis. You may have to perform various roles at the store including supervisory roles. Your duty will be to assign task to others, boosting sales, scheduling duties to others, and training entry level employees. Your salary will be paid on yearly basis. At entry management level you will be paid $25000 yearly while stores managers are paid $45000 yearly.

Food Basics Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Food Basics and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for Food Basics Jobs

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